XOHM - Search Done Right


When you use Google, your clicks fund the liberal agenda. XOHM is a search engine for conservatives who do not want to fund he mainstream media's liberal agenda. When you search with XOHM, your clicks will NEVER be used to fund liberal causes. Switch to XOHM - Search Done Right.

XOHM Search Technology

XOHM is a search engine that was developed to find information on the World Wide Web. XOHM's exclusive search technology gives you the edge when it comes to searching the Web. As XOHM indexes pages, it learns how new words and ideas on the Web are related to other words and ideas. When you search for "dog care," for instance, XOHM knows that "pet grooming" is a related topic and finds pages about this, too, even if the words "dog" and "care" are not actually on the page. If you'd like more details on how to use the XOHM search engine, read the search help section.